VR Film
Tang Zhi-Zhong, Huang Yun-Hsien

Production Year_2021
Production Country_Taiwan
Running Time_17 min.   
Screening Format_360 Stereo VR, 8K, Spatial Audio   

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In 2021, HTC and TurnRhino Original Design Studio joint forces to produce the first 360 VR immersive animation in the world to cross over with stop-motion animation VR, and traditional Taiwanese craftsmanship. With a VR headset, the audience can wander through the plot with the characters, exploring and diving into the hand-built set of the story.



Rose had a fight with her mother. Feeling sorry for saying hurtful words, Rose is determined to apologize to her mother who is currently working at the hospital. However, as the pandemic around her escalated, the way to the hospital has become dangerous and difficult. Would Rose, a sick little girl who does not know her way, be able to reunite with her mother?


| 77th Venice Film Festival, Venice Gap – Financing Market “VIRTUAL REALITY IMMERSIVE STORY PROJECTS”
| 78th Venice International Film Festival, Venice VR Expanded: In Competition
| 2021 Raindance Film Festival, Raindance Immersive
50th Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), EXPLORE
| 2021 Red Sea International Film Festival, RED SEA: IMMERSIVE Competition
| 2022 SXSW Film Festival, XR Experience Spotlight
| 2022 NewImages Festival, XR Competition