Music Metaverse

Production Year_2021
Production Country_Taiwan
Supported Devices_WINDOWS PC, VR, Mobile

Boasting the world’s first holographic music metaverse platform, BEATDAY offers diverse immersive content on various devices (PC, smartphones, tablets, VR). Utilizing XR production, blockchain, NFT and other technology, BEATDAY aims to redefine your music experience.

BEATDAY rebuilds every moment of artists’ performances in our platform with volumetric capture technology, creating unique immersive experience for all users.

BEATDAY Holographic Concert
Unlike the usual virtual concerts, audience can wander 360 degree to watch the performance with gamified interactions in BEATDAY’s diverse scenes. Call on your friends and explore BEATDAY together!

BEATDAY Holographic MV
BEATDAY holo-MV presents music videos in 4D holographic mode without any blind spot. Audience can not only appreciate the holo-MV in AR version on our mobile app but also enjoy the ultimate immersive experience with our VR version.

BEATDAY in 2021


| 2022 SXSW Film Festival, XR Experience Spotlight