AR Pop-up Story Book

Production Year_2022
Production Country_Taiwan


“The Sick Rose: AR Pop-up Story Book” AR App is developed and produced by HTC VIVE ORIGINALS. It is a cross-domain product with various features including puzzles, audiobooks, games, and AR. It cleverly integrates arts and humanities with technological touch.

This product includes AR App and block puzzles, which need to be used together. The content of the AR App is based on the VR animation film “The Sick Rose” and the original soundtrack produced in 2021. The production team selected six scenes and designed various interactive features, allowing users to explore and dig into the whole story.

Feel free to interact with the characters and discover more details of “The Sick Rose” through the scenes. You are guaranteed to get an irreplaceable experience with the story book, even if it’s your first time coming across “The Sick Rose”.


  1. AR App: Globally available on iOS and android app store, the AR app and the pop-up story book need to be used together.
  2. The Pop-up story book: dimensions 20.8cm x 17.7cm x 8.5cm
  3. Limited 500 set.
  4. Price: NTD 1,500,including the AR app download link and the pop-up story book.

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