VR Film
Qiu Yang

Production Year_2018  
Production Country_Taiwan
Running Time_23 min.   
Genre_Art, Drama, Experimental, Performance Art, Installation
Screening Format_360 VR, 8K, Spatial Audio   

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A fire pot burns in the dark night. Footsteps sound in the distance and an exhausted man in a suit walks in. The man talks on the phone as he walks and he appears defeated. We do not understand the man’s language but we can almost feel his sadness. Who is he? Where is he from? The man sits down on a giant black rock to rest. What is he planning? 


| 76th Venice International Film Festival, Venice VR  
| 2018 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 
| 2019 Raindance Film Festival, Raindance Immersive
| 2019 Geneva International Film Festival
 “Golden Reflection of the Best Immersive Artwork”
| 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam
| 10th Beijing International Film Festival 
| 49th Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal (FNC)
 “Best 360 VR Artwork” 
| 2021 Les Ailleurs Festival
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