VR Art
Liu Szu-Ming . Miwa Komatsu

Production Year_2019 
Production Country_Taiwan 
Running Time_17 min.
Screening Format_Interactive 

Miwa Komatsu is an artist from the east. She can see the colors of mystical creatures and the soul, which is her main inspiration for her artworks.
This is a VR documentary about “inspiration”.
When an artist complete a unique piece of art, I believe the most mystical aspect of creation is not the final result, but the turning point between rumination and enlightenment. At that moment, when a spark lit up the inner soul, it lies the accumulation of layers of ones memories. It could be both from the past and the present, either spiritual and humane.
I encountered this experience and has been infatuated by it, but I have yet found an appropriate artist and media to record this, until I met Miwa Komatsu. With real-time engine and immersive VR technology, I can finally record the precious theandric moment within the artist’s mind. 
Artist’s love for god and for the people happens at that very moment, when the most sincere prayers is delivered to the universe.  

-Director Liu Szu-Ming  




| 76th Venice International Film Festival, Venice VR 

| 2019 Raindance Film Festival, Raindance Immersive

| 24th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival