VR Film
Tan Seng-Kiat 

Production Year_2018  
Production Country_Taiwan
Running Time_15 min.   
Genre_Experimental, Drama, Romantic Drama, Romance
Screening Format_360 VR, 8K, Spatial Audio

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A love affair with a film is explosive like the couple who found their first love in the film and timid like an elderly couple. Participation in the making of each film is like falling in love. A world unknown to us appears in the dark theater. As each frame of the 35mm film is played, the love becomes an everlasting love and its secret is only known to you and the film. 


| 2018 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 
| 2019 Raindance Film Festival, Raindance Immersive
| 2019 Geneva International Film Festival 
| 10th Beijing International Film Festival
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