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The First VR Somatosensory Music trip in the World" Anpu-An ode to Moss:Musical Wander "


HTC VIVE ORIGINALS and the renowned visual production team Hi-Organic use VR technology, volumetric capture, and somatosensory device installation to create the world’s first somatosensory music trip, ” Anpu-An ode to Moss:Musical Wander “. Moreover, it is produced with the world’s best image format: 8K and 60fps; the playback device is HTC VIVE COSMOS equipped with a new high-resolution LCD display. The experiencer puts on the head-mounted display and sits on a 360-degree ultra-immersive audio-visual somatosensory seat, to actually feel the wandering, floating, hanging in the air, and soaring in the music piece along with the images and melody, actualizing a fully immersive experience of “listening with your body” and enjoying a music trip that seems true yet is illusory. With the introduction of digital technology, the full-sensory messages to be conveyed by the music are rendered three-dimensional. The music form is re-interpreted to bring a full-sensory experience, which imbues new vitality into the music industry, brings revolutionary changes, and creates a brand-new business model.

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HTC VIVE Arts has collaborated with more than 50 international art and cultural institutions since 2017. This year, it collaborated with the V&A Museum, a century-old art palace in the U. K., to interpret the literary work “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” through VR technology and art, and produced “Curious Alice”. The piece comprising three classic chapters will have its complete premiere offline in Taiwan ahead of the world. “Curious Alice” combines fairy tales, illustrations and virtual interactions. The audience enters the story from a first-person perspective, and directly interact with virtual objects through the hand tracking system applied for the first time to a work by VIVE Arts, achieving an effect of immersion in the scenes.


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