VR Film
Tsai Ming-Liang 

Production Year_2017    
Production Country_Taiwan
Running Time_55 min   
Screening Format_360 VR, 8K, Spatial Audio

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Directed by Tsai Ming-liang, this is the first Chinese VR feature film in the world. Shortlisted in the Venice Virtual Reality competition of the 74th Venice Film Festival in 2017, the film was projected on the small island Lazzaretto Vecchio, in a 16-century theater with 50 seats, which was customized for the film screenings of the VR section of Venice Film Festival that year. 


Hsiao-Kang is recuperating from an illness in the mountains.
His late mother visits him and cooks for him.
But he is unable to eat the food.
A female ghost lives next door to him.
Like his mother, she’s unable to enter his life.
The only companion he can speak with
is a lone fish.


| 74th Venice International Film Festival, Venice VR
| 2017 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival  
| 42nd Hong Kong International Film Festival  
| 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival  
| 9th Beijing International Film Festival
| 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival 
| 23th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 
| 2019 Geneva International Film Festival, International Immersive Works Competition
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