VR Music 

Production Year_2020 
Production Country_Taiwan
Running Time_6 min.   
Screening Format_Interactive

This story begins with the singer anpu who relies on the purest form of body language and sound to convey her thoughts through art. Immersed in music, a sense of doom permeates the environment, creating an imagery of darkness in the surroundings. This type of lonely yet alluring state illustrates everyone’s yearning for isolation, and a longing to enjoy the time and space of solitude.  On the serene lake surface, we see the reflection of our outer appearance and project the first sound into this hollow universe. The sound waves reach deep inside a cave afar, vibrating nerves and altering the environment.    

The windows of the soul look upon the source of sound and light – full of warmth but also keeping one at a distance. The source burns, radiating crimson scorching air that forbids human survival. Through the crushing density of time, the shortness of life resembles the first sound at birth and the last sentence before departing the world.


| 49th Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), EXPLORE

| 2021 Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF)