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A content brand under HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE ORIGINALS is devoted to the development, production and distribution of original content. It explores the development of industries including XR film, arts, animation, music, cultural collection, as well as cultural and creative entertainment. It also actively incubates cross-disciplinary creative content teams, standardizes XR technical formats and content production operating procedures to provide a greater diversity of XR solutions. By expanding the sphere of content and creating industrial value, HTC VIVE ORIGINALS assembles VIVE Reality ecosystem through content, and enlightens people with the latest technical innovations. 

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Liu Szu-mingPresident of HTC VIVE Originals
Liu Szu-ming is the president of HTC VIVE ORIGINALS, and a well-known professional traversing the industries of pop music, film and television, media and virtual reality. In 2019, he directed the VR work INORI which was nominated in the 76th Venice Film Festival, and participated in the joint production of the VR animation Gloomy Eyes which was awarded the Grand Prix at the Annecy International Animated  Film Festival, and nominated in the 76th Venice Film Festival. In 2018, he produced the VR film 5×1, and invited Hou Hsiao-hsien and Liao Ching-song to act as executive producers. At the 76th Venice Film Festival, two out of five films of the project, O and Only the mountain remains were nominated, and another film, The Making of, was selected for the “Out of Competition/Best Of VR” section. In 2021, he produced and supervised the music production of The Sick Rose, which was nominated in the 78th Venice Film Festival as well.
Liu Szu-ming’s experience in pop music songwriting and production includes writing a great number of chart hits, such as Wakin Chau’s Friends and A-Mei’s Can’t Cry, as well as album production for numerous artists. During his term at TVBS as the director of the Program Department, Liu Szu-ming has supervised the production of several programs honored by the Golden Bell Awards, including Super Taste and The Way We Were. Other positions he has held include the president of the Original Production Center of, a new media company and online VOD platform in China, and the director of the Story Lab of Sanlih E-Television, in addition to sitting on the jury of the Golden Melody Awards, and that of the Golden Bell Awards for television production.