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INORI and Gloomy Eyes Selected into Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival


Devoted to producing original VR content, HTC VIVE ORIGINALS has ventured into major international film festivals and received great feedback and unanimous praise since 2017! With the support of technology, the audience’s viewing habits are shifting. Instead of passively viewing in front of the screen, they come to interact with the content for a deeper entertainment experience, leading to the greater attention in more and more film festivals toward the creation around interactivity. Liu Szu-ming, the general manager and producer of HTC VIVE ORIGINALS, said, “VIVE ORIGINALS is devoted to connecting Taiwan’s creativity and cross-disciplinary artists from the globe, so we can shine out in the field of VR interactivity worldwide. Meanwhile, the official website of VIVE ORIGINALS ( will be online soon. It will provide VR-related resources and assistance, so that artists attempting to integrate VR technology can make more impossibilities come true with us.”











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After being launched in 2018, the interactive artwork INORI of the emerging Japanese artist Komatsu Miwa in collaboration with VIVE ORIGINALS, and the first immersive VR animation Gloomy Eyes jointly produced by VIVE ORIGINALS and the French VR production company Atlas V have shined out internationally. Furthermore, they have recently been selected into Beyond Reality of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan) in Korea in 2020. Inaugurated in 1997, BiFan mainly features highly innovative animations, cartoons, games, and films with creativity and imagination, brining different audio-visual experience to the viewer. The festival enjoys a great reputation worldwide and is favored by cinephiles. In addition, Gloomy Eyes is included in the Emmy Awards Nominations Voting for Best Original Interactive Program. Hopefully, it would be nominated, and continue to promote the originality of Taiwan’s technology and culture. Since 2017, Nominations for Outstanding Original Interactive Program of Emmy Awards has expanded its scope from TV content to all kinds of interactive audio-visual works. The submitted works are mainly based on interactive elements, and foreground the audience’s immersion or participation, allowing the viewer to be immersed in the unique narrative worlds, characters, surroundings and styles.


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